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Shoes For The Cure

"Have A Soul, Give A Soul, Save A Soul."

That's the motto of Shoes For The Cure. Chances are you wear shoes. There is also a high probability that you have some old shoes lying around that you just havn't thrown away yet. At Bike Shop, we've teamed up with Shoes For The Cure to make sure that your old, worn out footwear gets put to good use.

Shoes For The Cure is an organization that recycles old footwear. It can be anything from running shoes to high heels. If the shoes still have some life in them, they will get donated to a good cause such as the Alabama tornado catastrophe where over 9000 pairs of shoes were donated. If the footwear is too far gone to donate, each component is broken down and recycled.

So next time you aren't sure what do to with your old shoes, bring them to Bike Shop. We have a drop off bin located in the store and each donation gets you $1.00 off any pair of in stock socks!

For more information about Shoes For The Cure, check out their website.