Running Shos and Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

At Bike Shop we are about more than just bikes. We want to get you moving in the most comfortable way possible. That's why we offer walking and running gait analysis at no charge. We use gait analysis evaluate both stride and footstrike so that we can make informed suggestions as to what footwear works best for you.

  1. Every fitting starts with us getting to know you: your fitness goals and aspirations as well as previous injuries and issues.
  2. We measure your foot the old fashioned way first, using a Branock device to check size, width and arch length.
  3. Finally, we video your gait on a treadmill to understand your unique bio-mechanics.
  4. We then embark on a shoe finding adventure to match your very unique feet with the best shoes engineered for them!

Special Note: Feet change over time for a variety of reasons, so we recommend you take us up on this free, 10 minute fitting process each and every time you purchase shoes from us!